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Udaipur-Why it should be your preferred Investment destination in Rajasthan

Udaipur widely known as “Lakecity” is one of the most famous tourist destinations not only in India but Globally. Widely known for its Regal Splendor and Royal Valour , the lake city has carved out a special name for itself in the History books time and again. There are several reasons which make Udaipur an equally attractive destination for Investors . we enlist below the most important ones:

Udaipur is very well connected to all the major cities of the country like Delhi ,Mumbai , Ahmadabad etc by all the means of transportation viz. Air , Rail as well as Road thereby giving it a significant edge for Investment potential as compared to other tier 3 cities of Rajasthan.

Udaipur has been declared a SMART city by Govt. of India in the recent past. Only 4 Rajasthan cities have made it to the Smart city list. The work to develop Udaipur as a smart city has already begun with construction major L&T being awarded the work in Phase 1. Being developed as a smart city ensures that in near future Udaipur will have adequate and state of art core infrastructure elements like Adequate water and Electricity supply , Proper sanitation , efficient Urban mobility and Public transport , Robust IT connectivity and Digitalisation , e Governance with citizen participation etc. This will exponentially enhance the property prices in Udaipur and hence the current time seems to be perfect for making a Profitable Investment in Udaipur .

Udaipur is still in the middle phase of Development due to which the property prices in the radius of around 20 kms from city are still very low as compared to tier 2 cities of Rajasthan. So it’s particularly right time to invest as after the development phase is near completion , the Property prices will naturally shoot up. By investing now at less amounts one can gain significantly high Return(ROI) in the future.

Udaipur has excellent urban Infrastructure consisting of a large no. of Medical Colleges , Hospitals , Malls , Universities , Engineering colleges , Supermarkets , 3 and 5 star hotels – Restaurants etc. one can easily enjoy a very standard of living along with complete Health care and other essential facilities thereby making it attractive for any kind of Property Investment.

Needless to say , Safety and security play a major role while accessing investment potential of a city. Udaipur has always been safe with excellent Law and order situation and a stable political system. The crime rate in Udaipur is one of the lowest in the entire country and this goes down very well with the Potential Investors looking for a safe, secure Investment.

The Udaipur Airport is well on course to become an International Airport with as much as around 265 Bigha of Land being acquired for the expansion work. Accordingly , the construction work of 2nd Terminal has started with construction of Apron , Link Taxiway , Expansion of Isolation bay and other allied works in progress. Also, the highway connecting Udaipur to Delhi , Jaipur etc (NH 27) has been converted to Six lane. These Critical developments have surely increased the stature of Udaipur city as a Potential Investment destination.