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Why Is Real Estate A Perfect Investment In Current Times

Due  to extremely high degree of  uncertainty created  by  Covid 19 , Many of us are surely having certain questions in mind like Whether is it the right time to buy home  , which kind of investment is most suitable and safe in current times and so on  and so forth. Considering this questions , we hereby discuss topics related to investment/Home buying in current times and try to answer them in the best possible way

Let us start with the Stock markets first. It has been always been  a very volatile asset class with the stock market crashing every now and then. The recent volatility of the stock market has only worked to add to the already existing doubts in the minds of Investors. In the past two months , the value of stock markets have seen a drastic drop of about 30%. As a result, it is but natural for  Investors to  seek greater transparency and trust in their investments which rules out the stock market as a safe and Preferred investment primarily because of its volatile and Intangible nature.
Now , let’s take gold which has been a traditional favourite for Indian families . But , the recent high fluctuations in the value of gold has not gone well with  the Investors regarding this asset class. Gold prices fell by  about INR 2,500 per 10 gram in just two days over 11th and 12th March. Despite gold being viewed as a safe investment during tough times, its performance has been very poor  over a considerable  past period . one of the other crucial factors which does not favour gold is that Historically , the ROI achieved on Gold is far lower as compared to what Real estate or stocks traditionally offers. As such , owing to low ROI and high fluctuations in recent times , Gold as an asset class for investment is also losing its worth and is no longer a favourite it once used to be.

Now let’s consider Real  estate which is a Strong and robust asset class. Real estate as the name suggests is  Real/Tangible and is non Volatile . Unlike Stocks it is not traded on exchange.  Property prices never go up 20% in the morning and come down 40% in the evening. Real estate is not paper money, this is the asset you can hold tangibly which further enhances its reliability and return on investment. Also if the property has been purchased thoughtfully then it can generate a continuous income in the form of rent/Lease over a considerable period of time which can never be the case with any other Asset class.

The recent volatility of the stock market and poor performance of gold have further increased  the stature of property as a stable and most dependable asset class. Hence it can se surely said that  In the current situation, real estate offers the best of all worlds — stability, security and safety.

we would say Definitely . There are not one but several reasons for the same out of which the most important ones can be enlisted as below

Currently , Home loans are at an historically low level  which simply means you need to pay minimum interest on your borrowings and hence this time is best to consider purchasing the home/property that best fulfils your needs. One just can’t get a lower interest rate loan for any other similar investment option. Driving this trend will be the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) monetary policy decisions  earlier in March and then in Last week of May 2020 to significantly  slash repo rates and  bring it down effectively to 4 percent.   This move by the Indian central bank has made home loans significantly attractive presenting potential home buyers with an opportunity that cannot be missed. The steep cut has brought interest rates on home loans by public and private sector banks to their lowest i.e. around 7% , in around 15 years.
It’s definitely good news for those chasing a life goal to own a house, more so for those waiting for the right time to take the plunge. If you’re among them, then wait no further.

That’s because home loans at prevalent interest rates allow for considerable savings while creating an asset for end-use or investment purpose. Furthermore, the borrower gets to use the savings resulting from a reduced equated monthly instalment (EMI) to avail a top-up loan, also available at lower interest rate.

Property prices have highly remained stable  throughout a major part of the country since almost last 2 years. Considering the annual inflation rate it can be said that currently the real estate is available at a highly bargained price.  In addition , currently  Developers are also offering a host of offers to  attract prospective buyers and the government has also  recently announced  several measures to help the home-buyers. Surely a better time to purchase a home can not come….

As with every tempting opportunity , comes a word of caution!!! In the current  scenario  of uncertainty ,while it is prudent to purchase a home or invest in property , it is equally important to look for a reputed Developer who has Ready to move in Properties on offer. A recent  survey by leading property portal 99 acres found that  the home buyers showed a strong affinity towards ready to move in properties with 85 per cent of buyers believing that ready to move in homes were safer than an under construction property in current Scenario.

Even the best in business may have a hard time ahead … So purchasing a Readily developed /Ready to move in property  makes for a wise and well informed decision  in such volatile times.